Mars Secure Transport Services LTD is a private ambulance provider established in 2015, offering a National 24 hour, 365 days a year urgent response solution for the transportation of people who have a range of mental health illnesses as well as transportation of Children and Young Persons.
Our staff have Years of experience and expertise in the transportation of patients detained under the Mental Health Act or who require other secure transport solutions. From informal admission to high risk patients who are sectioned, our staff deliver a quality, patient focused service that is always safe and secure.



Mars Secure Transport service offers a range of courses both internally and externally. All our trainers are certified and have experience within the industry.



• First Aid/ AED/ CPR
• Health and Safety
• Equality and Diversity
• Infection Control
• Safe Moving and Handling Level 2


• Moving and Assisting of People Level 2
• COSHH Level 2
• Safe-guarding Adults
• Safe- guarding children
• 6 C’s of Care specifically for nursing homes


• Patient Consent & Confidentiality
• Mental Health Awareness
• PMVA- Control and Restraint
• Use of Hard & Soft Restraint
• Disengagement of Vulnerable Persons


• Conflict Resolution
• Management of Violence and Aggression
• Physical Intervention
• Dementia Awareness



*Staff training includes physical intervention, anger management, de-escalation of difficult situations, conflict management, communication skills (verbal & non-verbal), relationship building, first aid, functions of court and report writing.